🧑🏽‍💻 The Honeyverse

Hexagon Studios

Hexagon Studios is the talented development team behind Honeyland. Currently consisting of 30+ full-time developers, including front-end, back-end, blockchain, artists, and Unity developers, Honeyland will eventually have dozens of games for players to experience.
Honeyland will be the main token-emission game to introduce HONEY tokens into the ecosystem. All other games will have economies that leverage the HONEY token to enhance the player's experience and opportunities inside the Honeyverse.
Hexagon Studios intends to introduce several 'snackable' casual and hyper-casual games every year to build an entire gaming ecosystem.

The Honeyverse

The end result is a complete game ecosystem for players to play Honeyland's core play-and-own missions to earn HONEY, and an entire 'arcade' of other games for players to provide unlimited game options and experiences.
In a short time, we imagine players will be able to race their Bees with other players, battle other player's Bees in turn-based battle games, visit a Honeyland casino to test their luck, compete in fashion shows with other Bee designers, compete against other players in skill-based games, word-based games, and hundreds of other game options.