🧠 The HiveMind

The HiveMind is the desktop companion to Honeyland to help you manage, strategize, analyze, and stake all of your Honeyland NFTs.

Logging In

You can access the HiveMind by visiting https://hivemind.honey.land and connecting the wallet you use to play Honeyland.


The HiveMind will help you manage all of your Honeyland NFTs so you can better strategize your gameplay in Honeyland. Below are a few of the things you can (or will be able to) do in the HiveMind
  • Stake and unstake all of your Honeyland NFTs one-at-a-time or in bulk. Our lightening-fasst staking contracts allow you to stake/unstake up to 10 NFTs in under 2 seconds. All NFTs must be staked in order to play/earn in Honeyland and have other benefits as well.
  • View all of the detailed stats from each of your NFT's, including how much they've earned and all of their live and historical activity.
  • Explore every collection of NFTs to find your missing pieces. The HiveMind allows you to sort and filter by every piece of metadata for every collection and will soon allow you to send the owner a Honeygram message to see if they're willing to sell or trade.
  • View and search other players' Hives.
  • [coming soon] Organize your Bees into Squads to optimize your mission strategy in Honeyland. You can filter Bees by any Squad to be shown just the Bees that should be going on missions together.
  • [coming soon] Buy, sell, and trade your Honeyland NFTs without ever leaving the HiveMind via our Magic Eden powered marketplace.
  • [coming soon] Nerd out with more dashboards and data than you can handle. This will include everything from our NFT collections and HXD token statistics to leaderboards to data about your own colony and performance.