🗺 Roadmap


  • Core Team formed (November)
  • Alpha Deck built (November)
  • Tokenomics finalized (December)
  • Advisors committed (December)
  • Artwork direction approved (December)



  • Updated Deck with integrated artwork
  • Seed round opened
  • DEX plan formalized
  • Game framework development begins


  • Seed round funded
  • Community building begins
  • Whitepaper launched
  • Website launched
  • Game trailer launched


  • Private A round started
  • Dubai meetup event
  • Website V2 launched
  • Private A round funded
  • Community is rocking


  • NFT artwork introduced
  • SWARM apparel launch
  • Gameplay trailer
  • Genesis Eggs NFT initial mint
  • Genesis Egg Incubating
  • Special community events ($HXD and Genesis NFT holders)
  • NFT NYC Party


  • 41 Days of raffle giveaways for Holders
  • Playable game demo released
  • Honeyland Guest List applications for mint
  • Honeyland Land NFT initial mint


  • Land Mint art and rarity reveal
  • 1M $HXD distribution snapshot for Incubating Eggs
  • NFT hatching machine launches (Bee NFT minting/reveal)
  • Release of Honeyland Alpha with Harvesting, Hunting, Attacking, & Breeding
  • Honeyland Generations Egg mint
  • Honeyland is a household name in the web3 gaming space


  • Honeyland Generations Hatching Machine
  • Launch HiveMind with staking
  • HONEY ($HXD) initial DEX Offering through launchpads
  • Solana Mainnet Honeyland game released to the public
  • Honeyland launched in Apple and Google app stores (limited countries)
  • Honeyland launched in Apple, Google, Samsung, Saga app stores (worldwide release)
  • Add additional games into the Honeyverse with FTP, PvP, and Tournament modes to bring more utility to HONEY
  • Launch a User Generated Content (UGC) Marketplace for enhanced game experiences
  • Become the #1 Game in the Solana ecosystem by DAU, Token Market Cap, and NFT Market Cap