Each Bee has several parts that determine the rarity and cosmetics of the Bee. Some of these parts are determined by the species of the Bee, and others are randomly assigned at the time the Bee is created (hatched or bred) to create a generative NFT.
The generative (randomly assigned) parts of each Bee include the:
  • Head
  • Eyes
  • Mouth
  • Clothes
  • Hand accessory
  • Background
To see all of the traits for Universe 1 Bees and their probability of minting, visit To see all of the different Queen Bee Types and Bodies, visit

Customizable Parts

Honeyland Bee NFTs are customizable, which means the player can choose to customize certain accessories on the Bee. For instance, a player can earn or purchase a Hand Accessory NFT (i.e. a baseball bat) that they would like to add to one of their Bees. They will be able to fuse new items onto their Bee, and in doing so, the baseball bat will be added to their Bee NFT. The metadata for any fused traits would show up as 'custom'.
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