Queen Bees & Bees

Queen Bees

Each player will have one active Queen Bee for their hive. The Queen Bee is necessary for Breeding, creates synergies with her colony that can increase their ability to earn and can reduce the cooldown time of male Bees after completing missions. However, the Queen Bee does not participate in Honeyland missions.
Queen Bees are also necessary in order to explore new universes. Players must have a Queen Bee from the universe they wish to explore in order to play and earn on that universe. Genesis Queen Bees will be able to explore all 8 universes, regardless of which universe she is from.


Each player will have a colony of Bees that perform missions to bring back HONEY and Honeypots to the hive. They can also participate in PvP missions, quests, and other missions and games in Honeyland. Players will be encouraged to grow and upgrade their colony of Bees over time to perform more missions and earn more game rewards.