NFT Collections

Honeyland has 5 main collections of NFTs. Each has a different value and utility.

Genesis Bees

The Genesis Bee collection is limited to 1,000 Queen Bees and 10,000 Bees. These will be the rarest NFT collection and will provide the most utility and value for the NFT owner. They will have a separate contract from other Honeyland NFTs in order to keep their value high.
Genesis Bees will be introduced as Genesis Bee Eggs which can be used to mint a Genesis Bee in the Honeyland Egg Hatching Machine. Genesis Bee Eggs can be hatched in whichever universe's hatching machine the owner chooses.
Genesis Bee Eggs will be released over the course of several drops with approximately half being minted before the release of the game, and the other half minted after the launch of the game.
View Genesis Collection on Fractal marketplace.
View Genesis Collection on Magic Eden marketplace.

Generational Bees

The Generational Bee collection will not have a fixed number of NFTs minted. These will introduce the initial supply of First, Second, and Third Generation Bees and Queen Bees into each universe as new universes are opened in Honeyland.
Players will also be able to Breed their Bees to mint new Second Generation and Third Generation Bee NFTs that can be used in Honeyland or traded on secondary NFT marketplaces.


Honeyland has 8 universes, each with approximately 4,000 plots of Land, totaling approximately 32,000 plots across all universes. Each plot of Land will be represented by an NFT. The value of each plot will vary based on the traits it possesses.
Land will be the primary mechanism for how HONEY and NFTs will enter Honeyland. Each plot of land will yield a certain amount of HONEY and Honeypots (which contain shards that can be converted into NFTs) each day. Players will be able to pay a commission or entry fee in order to Harvest and Hunt on their land.
As new Lands and Universes are unlocked, Land will have halving events that will decrease the amount of HONEY they produce each day. Provided the value of HONEY continues to increase over time, this will not hurt the long-term value of the Land.
Land NFTs will be made available via a minting process for the initial purchase. New universes and plots of Land will be unlocked according to the halving schedule in order to accommodate the growing populations.
New land drops will be announced ahead of time. With each Land drop, some Land will be available to the public, while other Land will be available only to players who meet certain criteria (i.e. other NFT ownership, staked HONEY, completed challenges, etc.).

Game Items

The most common type of NFTs in Honeyland will be Game Items. These will be minted through the Honeyland Shard Marketplace by converting shards collected on Hunting missions into NFTs.
Game Items will mostly include NFTs that are used during gameplay to earn more, will upgrade the utility of a player's other NFTs, or will provide vanity/cosmetic upgrades to the player's assets.

Honeyland Passes

Honeyland Passes were sold to the public in the Honeyland Swag Store and were given to advisors, investors, and team members of the project prior to the minting of the Genesis collection. There are four different types of passes: Gold, Rose Gold, Platinum, and Diamond. Each comes with increasing benefits, which include mint/whitelist benefits, in-game benefits (i.e. airdrops, lands access, fee reductions, etc.), community benefits (i.e. special Discord channels, private AMAs with the team, etc.), and IRL benefits (i.e. swag, events, etc.). The exact benefits for each pass level changes quarterly. To find the current benefits, type !pass in our #general Discord channel.