๐Ÿคณ NFTs
Players must own Honeyland NFTs in order to play and earn in Honeyland. Each NFT has utility in the game and value to be sold to other players in NFT marketplaces. Players can acquire NFTs by minting them at Honeyland drops, earning them during Honeyland gameplay, or purchasing them on the Honeyland marketplace or secondary markets.

NFT Mints

Honeyland will have 3 separate mints prior to the launch of the Honeyland game. Each mint will provide different assets to be owned and used in Honeyland.
The current schedule will have Genesis Bee Egg mint in May (5,500 total), Land mint in early June (approximately 2,000 total), and Universe 1 First Generation Bee Egg mint in late June (5,500 total).
Mints will take place on Fractal.is in partnership with Fractal, the leading gaming NFT marketplace.
For whitelist details join our Discord and visit the #how-to-whitelist channel. For mint updates (exact dates and prices) join our Discord where we will be making announcements.
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NFT Mints