🐝 Honeyland

Honeyland is a Play-to-Own strategy game built on the Solana blockchain that opens the door to the Honeyverse.
Watch the live gameplay demo

What is Honeyland?

Honeyland is a mobile-first blockchain strategy game where players assume the role of a Beekeeper to manage their colony of Bees and Lands. Players can choose a universe to explore and send their Bees on missions to compete against other players for game items and the scarce Honeyland resource HONEY. As players earn HONEY and game items, they can use these to grow and strengthen their colony of Bees, purchase more game items, participate in the Honeyland economy, or trade them on exchanges and marketplaces.
The Honeyland game is the entry point into the Honeyverse, a gaming ecosystem that will have dozens of games and experiences for players to enjoy, all connected by a single token.