Honeyland Whitepaper

Honeyland Marketplace

The Honeyland Marketplace provides a place for players to earn, buy, sell, and rent their Honeyland NFTs.

Honeyland Store

The Honeyland Store will allow players to mint Game Item NFTs by redeeming their shards or spending HONEY. Once minted, the owner of the NFT can use these items in their own gameplay or sell them on the Honeyland Marketplace.
From time to time, the Honeyland Store will have Limited Edition and Special Item drops for in-game items and NFTs.

Honeyland Marketplace

All Honeyland NFTs can be bought and sold on the Honeyland Marketplace. NFT owners can place their Bees, Land, and Items for sale. They will set their own price.
Players can quickly strengthen and grow their own colony of Bees by using the Honeyland Marketplace to purchase Bees and Items which can be used in Honeyland.

Bee Rental System

Players can rent out their Bees to other players on the Honeyland Marketplace. When listing a Bee for rental, the Bee owner will set a daily price and max duration for the rental. The renter will pay the fees up front and will be able to use the rented Bee on Missions for the duration of the rental. The Bee will be automatically returned to the owner's wallet at the expiration of the rental.
The Bee rental system serves as (1) a way for players who cannot or do not wish to upgrade to Beemium but would still like to play and earn in Honeyland, (2) a way for players who want to play more than just their own Bees to earn more, and (3) a way for Bee owners who cannot or do not wish to manage their Bees but would still like to make sure they are earning.

Marketplace Fees

Honeyland collects a 2.5% fee for all transactions that happen on the Honeyland Marketplace.