Honeyland Whitepaper


Queen Bees and Bees are introduced into Honeyland in two ways. The first is Hatching and the second is Breeding.

Egg NFTs

Hatching can be done when a player has a Queen Bee Egg NFT or a Bee Egg NFT. These can be obtained through the original minting process at Honeyland drops, earned through Hunting missions in Honeyland, or by purchasing them on the Honeyland marketplace or other secondary marketplaces.
Honeyland drops for Egg NFTs will be announced to players via our Discord and other community channels.
The first Genesis Bee Egg NFTs will drop in May to whitelisted wallets with the remaining NFTs made available to the public on a first-come-first-served basis.
The first First Generation Bee Egg NFTs will drop in June.
Read more about the difference between Genesis Eggs and First Generation Eggs on the Collections page.

Hatching Machine

Each Universe in Honeyland has its own species of Bees and its own Hatching Machine.
When a player has an Egg NFT, they can use the Hatching Machine on our website to burn the Egg and turn it into a Bee NFT.
Egg NFTs can be hatched in any of the 8 Universe hatching machines.
At game launch, only the Universe 1 hatching machine will be available. As new Universes are unlocked, new hatching machines will also become available.