Getting Started
Honeyland is a Play-to-Own game built on the Solana blockchain. This means players must have a Solana wallet in order to play. We recommend players set up a Phantom wallet.
Additionally, players will need NFTs in order to play in Honeyland. These NFTs can be minted via NFT drops, purchased on the Honeyland marketplace or other secondary marketplaces, or minted via Starter Packs.

Starter Packs

When players first create their Honeyland account, they'll connect a Solana wallet. In order to play Honeyland's core Play-to-Own missions, each wallet must purchase a Honeyland Starter Pack. Only one Starter Pack will be allowed per wallet. Each Starter Pack will give the player a Hive, a Queen Bee, and some Bees, each of which are NFTs and will allow the player to begin playing and earning Honeyland assets.
Starter Packs will be reasonably priced to reduce barriers to entry, however, the NFTs purchased in the Starter Pack cannot be transferred or sold to other wallets, and therefore do not have any value outside of their utility in the game.
In order to create greater sustainability as more players enter Honeyland, 100% of the amount collected for Starter Packs will be put back into player rewards.

Free to Play

Players who wish to play Honeyland but cannot or do not want to pay to get started can use Honeyland's Bee rental system. This will allow players to earn on behalf of other Bee owners and keep a percentage of the earnings for themselves.
Bee owners will be able to rent their Bees out in the Honeyland marketplace to other players to send their Bees on Harvesting and Hunting missions on their behalf.
Players in the Free to Play mode (who have not yet purchased a Starter Pack) can earn through the Bee rental system, can own plots of land and earn commissions and entry fees, can use all the features of the Honeyland gamified DEX, can play free-to-play games in the Honeyland game mall, and can use the Honeyland marketplace to transact.
However, in order to play Honeylands core Play-to-Own missions (Harvesting, Hunting, Attacking, Breeding) with a player's own Bees, they must purchase a Starter Pack.

The Hive

Each player will get a Hive when they connect a wallet to their account. This will be where all of the player's assets are stored. It also serves as the control center for all Honeyland game activities.
From the Hive, players can see how much HONEY they have, can view the statuses of all of their Bees and Land, can plan and deploy Missions, can access the Honeyland marketplace, and a lot more. Essentially, the Hive is the player's 'Home' screen where they can access information and initiate actions within Honeyland.
Players also have the ability to cosmetically upgrade their Hive. These upgrades allow the player to decorate and customize their Hives by earning or purchasing NFTs. While you will not be able to see the missions taking place in other players' Hives, you will be able to see their assets.

Hive Level

The Hive Level will be determined by the total number of Bees in one's colony and the average stat points per Bee.
The Hive Level will be used to pair players on Attack missions to ensure both players have a similar strength of their colonies. Players will only be shown hives with a +/-10% difference in both the number of Bees and average stat points per Bee when choosing a Hive to attack. However, the exact difference will not be shown.