Hunting missions allow players to earn NFT Items that can be used to increase their success and fun in the game, or they can be sold to other players


Players select the most optimal Land(s) to Hunt for NFT Items, select the Bee(s) from their hive to embark on the Hunting mission(s), and deploy their Bee(s) on the Hunting mission(s).
Each completed Hunting mission will yield an NFT Item which will be returned to the hive and can be used by the player or sold on the Honeyland marketplace.
The time that it will take the Bee(s) to complete the Hunting mission will be determined by a number of factors like the speed and luck of the Bee(s), the location of the Land, the competition on the Land, and any NFT Items that are used on the Land during the mission.
Once the mission is complete and the Bee(s) has returned to the hive, the player can return to the game to claim their NFT Item, which will then be added to their hive.
After each mission, the Bee(s) will have a cooldown period in which they are recovering for their next mission. Once the cooldown period is done, the player can organize a new mission for all/any available Bees.

Selecting a Land to Hunt

From the main gameplay screen (the playerโ€™s Hive), the player can choose to start a new Hunting mission.
They will then be shown a map of the entire universe and prompted to select the Land(s) to Hunt. When selecting the Land to Hunt the player can scan the Universe to see the traits of each Land, such as landform, distance from the hive, open conditions, entry conditions, the Hunting fee paid to the Landowner upon entry, the NFT drop time, the total luck of all Bees present on the Land, and any NFT Items that are currently affecting the Land.
Using this information, the player can select the Land(s) that will be best suited for their Bee(s) to have the best chance to find an NFT Item in the shortest amount of time.
It is important to note that the stats shown for each Land will be a snapshot of the current conditions. However, stats like the total luck of all Bees present on the Land, and any Item NFTs affecting the Land will change with every time frame (before and during the mission), which will affect the outcome of each mission.
Since each universe will have thousands of Lands available for Hunting, it may take a player hours to manually check the stats for each Land in the universe in which they would like to Hunt.
In order to make this easier for the player, they will be able to save their favorite Lands for easy recall.
Additionally, players can choose to use Scanner NFTs to quickly scan multiple Lands at a time. This will be particularly useful for players with several Bees that they are sending on missions at a time or players who do not want to take the time to individually search for the best Lands to Hunt.
For players who wish to Hunt several different Lands at the same time with different Bees, they will be able to select multiple Lands during the selection step.

Selecting a Bee for Hunting Mission

Once the Land(s) have been selected, the player will be able to see all the Bees in their hive so they can select which Bee(s) is going to Hunt at each Land.
When viewing the Bees in their hive, the player will be able to see all of the stats for each Bee so they can make the best decisions. They will also be able to filter and sort by each trait in order to make the selection process easier.
If a Bee is currently at the hive, but is still in their cooldown period, they will be able to see how much longer that Bee needs to cool down until they are available for a mission, but they will not be able to select that Bees for the current mission(s) they are organizing.
Once the player selects a particular Bee(s) to Hunt on a particular Land, the player will be shown the expected time it will take for each Bee to find an NFT Item. This will be based on the Beeโ€™s speed and luck, the distance of the Land, and the current Land conditions. Of course, since the Land conditions (i.e. total luck of Bees on the Land, or other players choose to use NFT Items such as unlucky charm) will change over the course of the mission, the actual results will be slightly different.
The player can send a single Bee to Hunt a plot of Land or can send multiple Bees to the same Land. If any of the Bees going on the same mission share similar likes or dislikes this will create a multiplier for those Bees, which will increase the speed and luck of the Bees on the mission, therefore reducing the time need to find NFT Items.
Based on this information, the player can assign any available Bees to any of the selected Lands. Once the player is happy with the Lands and Bees theyโ€™ve organized together, they can confirm the mission(s). Once confirmed, the missions will begin at the next time frame.

Mission Time/Game Play

Once a Bee is deployed on a Hunting mission, the player can track the Bee on the Universe Map to see if they are traveling to the Land, are actively Hunting the Land, or are returning back from the Land.
Once the player reaches the Land, they will transfer the Land entry fee in Nectar to the Landowner so they can enter the Land and begin Hunting.
While the travel time to and from the Land is known ahead of time, the time it takes to find an NFT Item is based largely on Luck, so the mission time can vary greatly.
The Luck stats for each Bee will increase by 1% for every game time frame they are on the Land. This will help to advantage Bees who have been on the Land longer.
Once the Bee successfully completes the mission and returns with an NFT Item, he will have an average of a two-hour cooldown period before he is ready to embark on a new mission. Bees with high recovery stats will be able to reduce this cooldown period so they can embark on new missions sooner. Additionally, players will have the ability to spend Nectar in order to immediately end the cooldown period so that Bee is immediately available for their next mission. It should be noted that the cost of doing this will be 2-3x greater than the amount of Nectar the Bee will be able to Harvest in that same time.
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