Core Missions

Honeyland has three Core Missions that players can play to earn: Harvesting, Hunting, and Attacking.

Harvesting Missions (Earn HONEY)

Players select the most optimal Land to Harvest, select the Bees from their hive to embark on the Harvesting mission, and deploy their Bees on the Harvesting mission. Proper strategy and active management will allow players to earn more HONEY in shorter times.

Hunting Missions (Earn NFTs)

Players select the most optimal Land to Hunt for Honeypots, select the Bees from their hive to embark on the Hunting mission, and deploy their Bees on the Hunting mission. Each Bee will earn one Honeypot per Hunting mission but proper strategy and active management will allow players to earn them in shorter times. Honeypots act similarly to a lootbox, where they contain shards that can be traded for NFTs and in-game items in the Honeyland primary marketplace.

Attack Missions (Risk/Earn HONEY)

Players choose three Bees from their hive to build their Attack Squad. They will be shown three Defense Squads that have been set by other players with their same Hive Level. The player can choose which one they would like to Attack. These are high-risk/high-reward missions that generally have negative EV (expected value) for the Attacking player, but can also be the fastest way to earn HONEY.

Mission Boosts

Landform Boosts

Each Land has a Landform trait (i.e. Desert, Seaside, Woodlands, etc.). Some Bees will have a Landform specialty. When players are able to send their Bees on Missions to Landforms that match their Bees Landform Specialty they will get a 75% Boost on Agility (when Harvesting) or Luck (when Hunting) for that Mission.

Mood, Likes, and Dislike Boosts

Players can also strategically match traits of their active Queen and other Bees on missions to receive mission boosts. When matching the Queen's mood to Bees on the mission, the Level and Generation of the Queen will both be used to determine the mission boost. The table below shows the max mission boosts that will be reached by a Level 20 Queen. A Queen at Level 10 (her starting level) will give her Bees half of the max mission boost (i.e. Genesis Queen at Level 10 would give her Bees a 25% mission boost when matching moods or Gen 3 Queen at Level 10 would give her Bees a 10% mission boost when matching moods). As the Queen upgrades her Levels, the mission boost increases linearly (i.e. Genesis +2.5%, Gen1 + 2%, Gen2, +1.5%, Gen3 +1%, GenZ +.5% with each Queen upgrade).
*The Queen's mood will change each time she breeds. The mood of male Bees does not change.

How to Calculate Mission Boosts

Since there are several different ways to get a Mission Boost, the order in which they are applied is important in calculating the total boost. We calculate this by getting the Bees base stat, then adding any Queen boosts, then multiplying that total by the Landform Boost, then adding in any Bee Boosts. Example: A player that is sending a Bee with a 150 Agility stat on a Harvesting mission to a Landform that matches its specialty, who has an active Queen that is a Genesis Queen at Level 16 with 200 as her Agility stat would calculate as follows: Base Bee Stat = 150 Plus Queen Boost = 40% of 200 = 80 > New stat is 150 + 80 = 230 Apply 75% Landform Boost = 75% of 230 = 172.5 (always round down, so 172) > New stat is 230 + 172 = 402 Then add any Bee Boosts to that total

Applying Hunting Mission Boosts

Mission Boosts are not fully applied immediately for Hunting Missions. Instead, we apply the Landform Boost on the first game timeframe, then add 5% of the remaining Mission Boost in each subsequent timeframe until the total Mission Boost is in effect. Assuming all Bee and Queen stats were the same for Agility and Luck in the previous example, we could assume that the Bee should have a boosted Luck stat of 402 for the mission. 1st Timeframe = 150 + 75% Landform Boost = 150 + 112.5 = 262 Luck Boost to be applied with each subsequent timeframe = 5% of 402 = 20 2nd Timeframe = 262 + 20 = 282 Luck 3rd Timeframe = 282 + 20 = 302 Luck and so on until 402 Luck is reached.