Players will be able to use their assets (Queen Bee + Bee + HONEY) to breed new Bees in Honeyland. When a player breeds their Bees, they will mint a new Bee NFT which can be used to play in Honeyland or can be sold on the Honeyland marketplace.
Players will select their Queen Bee and Bee to be used in the breeding process.

Offspring Bee Traits & Parts

Utility Traits

The Utility Traits of each Bee establish their utility in Honeyland. When breeding new Bees, these traits will be determined through 3 main factors:
  • Queen Bee Trait Stats - for each trait, exactly 1/4 of the Queen Bee's stats will be transferred to the offspring Bee. If the Queen Bee has 176 Agility, she will contribute 44 Agility to the offspring.
  • Rarity - for each trait, the remaining stats for the offspring Bee will be determined by luck in the form of Rarity. Each utility trait will randomly be assigned a rarity that will correlate with a stat range for that trait. For instance:
    • Mythic (1%): 65-70 stat points
    • Legendary (9%): 60-65 stat points
    • Epic (20%): 55-60 stat points
    • Rare (30%): 50-55 stat points
    • Common (40%): 45-50 stat points
  • Male Bee Generation Stat Multiplier - once the stats from the Queen Bee and the Rarity have been added together to create the base stats for each trait of the offspring Bee, a stat multiplier is applied. The stat multiplier is determined by the generation of the male Bee used in the breeding process. Each generation has a range of multipliers which will be applied during the breeding process to determine the final stats of the offspring Bee:
    • Genesis Bees = 1.3-1.9 multiplier
    • First Generation Bees = 1.2-1.9 multiplier
    • Second Generation Bees = 1.1-1.9 multiplier
    • Third Generation Bees = 1.1-1.8 multiplier
    • Z Generation Bees = cannot breed
See Breeding Stats Multiplier for the full table of chances for each multiplier.

Other Traits

The Other Traits of each Bee will be mostly be determined randomly, but some will be known before breeding based on the Queen Bee and Bee used in the breeding process.
  • Randomly generated traits include:
    • Landform specialty
    • Like
    • Dislike
    • Mood
    • Attack profiles
  • Assigned traits include:
    • Generation - see Determining a Bee's Generation
    • Universe / Species - Offspring Bee has a 90% chance of being the same species as the male Bee and a 10% chance of being the same species as the Queen Bee
    • Upgrades - the amount of upgrades a Bee can have will be passed down from the Queen's stats. Each Queen starts with 10 and can upgrade this to as high as 20, so all her offspring will have a maximum of 20 upgrades.


The Parts of each Bee determine their cosmetic rarity. The species of Bee will be determined by the Universe it is from and the remainder of the cosmetic parts (Head, Eyes, Mouth, Clothes, Accessory, and Background) will be randomly generated.

Breeding Cooldown

After the Breeding process, all Bees will have a breeding cooldown period in which they are unable to breed again until it has been completed. The cooldown periods for breeding are as follows:
Breed count
Breed cooldown (in hours)
Male Bee
[24, 32, 40, 48, 56, 64, 72, 80, 88, 96 (all future breeds)]
Genesis (Queen)
[24, 32, 40, 48, 56, 64, 72, 80, 88, 96 (all future breeds)]
1st Gen (Queen)
[24, 32, 40, 48, 56, 64, 72, 80, 88, 96 (all future breeds)]
2nd Gen (Queen)
[24, 32, 40, 48, 56, 64, 72, 80, 88, 96, 96]
3rd Gen (Queen)
[24, 32, 40, 48, 56]
Z Gen (Queen)
cannot breed

Breeding Limits

Male Bees do not have breeding limits. However, Queen Bees have breeding limits as follows:
  • Male Bees (all generations, except Z) - can breed unlimited times
  • Genesis Queen Bees - can breed unlimited times
  • First Generation Queen Bees - can breed a maximum of 18 times
  • Second Generation Queen Bees - can breed a maximum of 12 times
  • Third Generation Queen Bees - can breed a maximum of 6 times
  • Z Generation Queen Bees - cannot breed

Base Breeding Costs

Breeding new Bees costs HONEY and the player must also have a minimum amount of HONEY staked. The base cost of breeding and minimum amount of HONEY staked for breeding depends on the number of times the male Bee has previously bred.
Breed Count
Base HONEY Cost*
HONEY Staked Required (min)
60 x Breed count
75 x Breed count
Half of the HONEY spent in the breeding process is burned forever. The other half goes to the Honeyland treasury.
*The Base HONEY Cost for breeding will undergo halving events to keep the cost of breeding in line with the ability to earn HONEY in Honeyland.
*The final Breeding cost will be determined by the following formula:
Breeding Cost Multiplier x Base HONEY Cost = Breeding Cost
*The Breeding cost and Breeding limits are subject to change prior to the launch of the game.

Breeding Cost Multiplier

Each Universe will have dynamic breeding costs, meaning that each time any player breeds within a Universe the next player who breeds in that same Universe will have a slightly higher Breeding Cost. This will be done using a breeding multiplier that increases with each breed in that Universe.
The breeding multiplier formula will be:
Previous breeding multiplier x 1.000005 = new breeding multiplier
So if the breeding multiplier starts at 1:
First breed: 1 x 1.000005 = 1.000005
Second breed: 1.000005 x 1.000005 = 1.000010
Third breed: 1.000010 x 1.000005 = 1.000015
So, if a player is breeding a male bee for the first time, the Base HONEY Cost to breed is 150 HDX. This would then be multiplied by the breeding multiplier for that Universe to determine the actual cost of the breed.
If they were the third player to breed in that Universe:
150 x 1.000015 = 150.00225 HDX
If they were the one hundred thousandth player to breed in that Universe:
150 x 1.648719 = 247.30785 HXD
If the Queen and Male Bee used in the breeding process are not from the same Universe, the Universe (species) of the Male Bee will be used to determine the Breeding Cost Multiplier.
It is important to note that this Breeding Cost Multiplier is unique for each Universe and goes up with every single breed in that Universe (this is NOT unique to each specific player).
This will help control the overall population of Bees in each Universe, while ultimately letting the market determine where that cap should be for each Universe.

Breeding a Queen Bee

During the breeding process, players can use the NFT Item Royal Jelly to designate the bee they are breeding to be a Queen Bee. This must be done when the breeding process begins.
The Queen Bee's stats are determined in the same way as the male Bee's stats, but a 2x multiplier is used after the Base Stats, regardless of the generation of the male Bee used in breeding. This will ensure that Queens always have the highest stats in the game (although they are mostly only used in the Breeding process since Queens do not go on missions).
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