🎮 Gameplay

Honeyland is a mobile-first Play-to-Own game, where players will send their Bees on various missions to earn HONEY and NFTs. Each mission will require some strategy and resource management by the player in order to maximize their ability to earn.
Unlike traditional video games, players do not need to spend long sessions in the game in order to accomplish missions. Instead, players will be incentivized to log into Honeyland on their mobile device several times per day for short periods of time. Or as we like to say, "5-15 times per day for 5-15 minutes at a time."
When logged into Honeyland, players will be organizing and deploying Bees on new missions, while also checking the progress of their other Bees who are already on or returning from missions, and claiming rewards.
But Honeyland is much more than just a Play-to-Own game. It is also a gaming ecosystem where our own studio will build mini-games and other major titles that all use the same assets and are fueled by the HONEY token.
Because of this, the gameplay opportunities are endless.