The Lucky Wheel allows you to spin to collect your daily rewards. The number of spins you have is determined by your VIP level in the game. Initially, you start with one spin, but as you progress and level up, you can earn up to four spins per day. Each spin grants you shards that are added to your inventory. Shards can be redeemed for game play items.


How to Access the Lucky Wheel?

To access the Lucky Wheel, you need to visit your Hive within the game. Click on the Bonus icon in the bottom left corner. From there, you can spin the wheel to receive your daily rewards. Make sure to check in daily to claim your gifts and enhance your gameplay experience.

REMINDER: The shards that appear on the Lucky Wheel change so be sure to visit each day!

Learn more about VIP points here

Additional spins are 50 Zzubs each. You can buy three spins per day. 

Your XP level determines the wheel level.