Deploying a Shield protects your Hive from being Raided by other players. It removes you from the list of Hives that are available for Player vs. Player (PvP) play for the duration the Shield is active.  This provides a layer of defense for your Hive and helps safeguard your resources. 

You can acquire a Shield item by redeeming Shield shards that you have collected. These shards can be earned through various activities within the game. Alternatively, you have the option to purchase a Shield item from the in-game Marketplace (coming soon), providing you with immediate protection for your Hive.

If you have a Shield up and Attack another player, your Shield will be deactivated even if you still have Shield time remaining.

REMINDER: If you log in for 6 consecutive days, you will automatically be given a Shield on the 7th day. If you do not attack other players PvP), you will receive a free Shield each consecutive day you log in thereafter. If you attack (PvP) other players, the Shield will be removed and your consecutive day count will be reset. 

NOTE: All players are provided with a 24 hour Shield each time the game returns from a maintenance downtime. This is to allow players time to get their PvP teams in place before PvP resumes.

 You can create a Shield item by redeeming Shield shards. There are five different rarities of Shield.

Look out! - If you activate a Shield after raiding other Hives, it won’t protect you from revenge attacks from the players you have raided.