Build a better Swarm by upgrading your Bees. Shards that you earn from Hunting, Quests, Lucky Wheel, Game Mall Games, owning Land, shop purchases, etc. are redeemed to create upgrade items that you use to enhance your Bees in various ways.

REMEMBER: Your Bee’s Level indicates how many times you can upgrade that Bee.

EXAMPLE: Let’s say you have a Bee that is Level 7. That means this Bee can be upgraded seven times. Perhaps you want him to be a stronger Hunter. If so, you would upgrade his Luck stat. If you want to use this Bee on your Defense team, you would want to upgrade his Defense and Health stats. You don’t have to do all the upgrades at once and you don’t have to use all seven upgrade slots. It’s completely up to you!

REMINDER: Upgrade items are available in different rarities. The rarer the upgrade item, the greater the stat boost it provides. The number of shards you will need to redeem to create an upgrade item is based on the rarity of the upgrade item you desire.

When you add both upgrades and cosmetics that include upgrades, here's how the final stat is calculated:

The formula: (Base Stat X Upgrade) + Cosmetic Upgrades = Total Stat

Said another way, upgrades are calculated first and then any additional stats from cosmetics will be added on top.