You can earn or win shards in many ways:

Hunting - Hunting is how you collect Honeypots filled with shards. Shards can be redeemed for all sorts of helpful and valuable items for you to use in the game allowing you to upgrade and hatch new Bees, receive mission boosts, and more!

EXAMPLE: Your Bee finishes his Hunt and you open the Honeypot he found. The Honeypot contains ten Shield shards and five Luck shards. Those shards are now in your Inventory. Check your Inventory to see if you have enough shards to redeem them for an item!

Quests - Each universe has unique Non-Playable Characters (NPCs) who have laid out Quests for you to follow. Explore the history of Honeyland while battling NPCs. Successful Quests will earn you shards!

Lucky Wheel - Spin the wheel and collect your Daily Gift(s)! Your VIP level determines how many times you can spin the wheel each day. You will start out with one spin; as you progress in the game, you can build up to having four spins a day! Each spin will add shards to your inventory.

Game Mall - Play game mall games to receive prizes that include shards.

Raffles - There are daily raffles inside Honeyland where you have a chance to win shards.

Land Ownership - One of the benefits of owning Land in Universe 1 is weekly shard airdrops.

Referrals - There are monthly shard rewards for players who refer others to Honeyland plus bonus shards when referrals reach specific game milestones.

Connect your Social Media accounts - Earn shards by connecting your X/Twitter and Discord accounts to Honeyland.

Discord Games - Play games in our Discord server, we distribute shards to the winners

Convert Gen Z Bees - When Gen Z Bees retire, you can convert them for shards

Additionally, you can purchase items (which are created when players redeem shards) using the Item Marketplace.

Shards can be redeemed to create items that benefit gameplay in various ways.