To breed new Bees you will need a Queen Bee, a male Bee, and Honey (HXD). The Honey will be used to pay the breeding fee. Breeding cost increases each time a Male Bee Breeds. A Bee who hasn’t bred before will have a lower cost than a Bee that has bred 100 times. (see chart below for details)

Breeding takes place inside the Bee Lab by using the Honeymoon Suite.

Strategy: The male Bee determines the offspring’s generation.

  • A Genesis Bee will produce Gen 1 Bees
  • A Gen 1 Bee will produce Gen 2 Bees
  • A Gen 2 Bee will produce Gen 3 Bees
  • A Gen 3 Bee will also produce Gen 3 Bees
  • A Gen Z Bee will produce Gen Z Bees

Breeding will always produce a male Bee unless Royal Jelly is added during the breeding process. If Royal Jelly is added, the bred will produce a Queen.

It's important to note that the rarity of the Royal Jelly used influences the Queen Bee's statistics, with rarer Royal Jelly resulting in higher stats for the Queen Bee.

Look Out! - The Queen's mood will change each time she Breeds unless a Mood Stabilizer is used during the process. The mood of male Bees does not change. Remember, matching the moods of your Queen and your Bees gives significant stat boosts for Missions.

There is a cool down for both Queens and male Bees during which they cannot be bred again. That cooldown increases based on the number of times the Bee has bred. (See chart below for details)

Breed tickets reduce the price of Breeding.

BONUS: Here is a calculator you can use to help you estimate the stats of the offspring