There are five different kinds of Queens and Bees: Genesis, Gen 1, Gen 2, Gen 3, and Gen Z. See the chart below for full details on the differences between them.

Ready to grow your Swarm? A larger Swarm gives you more options to send on Missions meaning more chances to secure mission boosts. Add to your Swarm by Breeding new Bees, buying Bees, and redeeming Bee Egg shards.

NOTE: Genesis Bees cannot be created by gameplay. You can purchase them from other players by visiting the in-game Marketplace. 

This chart explains the different features of Queens and Bees based on their type.

This chart provides the details of the Bee Identification Badge which will help you easily see what kind of Bee you have. The shape, number, and color of the badge all provide important details.


This chart explains the functions of Bees and Queens.