Currently, Phantom isn't optimized for Honeyland. We suggest using Solflare instead. 

Our CEO made this video to help you start using Solflare

If you want to stay with Phantom when playing Honeyland, the following may help:

Step 1: Close all apps on your phone.

Step 2: Reset your wifi connection by reseting the Network Settings on your phone - Go to Settings > General Management > Reset > Reset Network Settings. The exact process may vary depending on the model of your phone.

Step 3: Reboot your phone.

Step 4: Log back into your Wi-Fi network.

Step 5: Clear your browser's cache and cookies. This may help to clear any errors that may be causing the issue.

Step 6: Open your Phantom app and revoke Honeyland from your list of trusted apps. This will remove the permissions granted to Honeyland and may help to resolve any conflicts.

Step 7: Log into the game using your Phantom Wallet.

By following these steps, you may be able to rectify the issue and access the game with your Phantom Wallet. If the issue still persists, please follow the additional steps below:

Step 1: Delete the Honeyland Game.

Step 2: Revoke Honeyland permissions in Phantom.

Step 3: Visit the Honeyland website to download the game.

Step 4: Install the game.

Step 5: Login to the game using your Google ID. You may have to wait until the "retry" message appears to try the login again.

Step 6: Click the button located in the upper left corner to skip the tutorial.

Step 7: Log out from your Google account completely.

Step 8: Open your Phantom wallet. Ensure that your Phantom wallet is on the correct wallet and not on Devnet.

Step 9: Log in to the game again.

These steps are pretty simple and straightforward and may help you to log in to the game using your Phantom wallet. However, if the troubleshooting steps did not work, please contact Honeyland's support team for further assistance.