The Story of Honeyland: Meet important characters, find out how the Bees ended up in Honeyland, get breaking news updates from HBN headquarteres, and more!

The Story of Honeyland

Chapter 1: A Brief History

Chapter 2: Old Bees, New Friends

Chapter 2.1: The Game Mall

Chapter 2.2: The Art of War

Chapter 2.3: Trader B's Emporium and Jemima the Raffle Princess

Chapter 3: A Queen's Gambit

Chapter 4: Report from Cocarro - Universe 2

Chapter 5: The Origin of the Golden Spatula

Chapter 6:  Victoria Sponge meets Sergeant Pepper and the Isolated Souls’ Motorcycle Club

Chapter 7: Queen Melissandra’s Definitive Guide to Exploration — an extract

Chapter 8: The Gemstones of Cocarros - a report