Visit the in-game shop to purchase your exclusive vanity domain name. YourGameName.HXD.SOL will make it easier for you to share your wallet (and remember it yourself!) The cost for the domain is 100 HXD. Bonfida is our partner in securing these subdomains.

Domains FAQ

  • You don’t need to stake your vanity domain

  • The vanity domain doesn’t replace your wallet address, it gives you an easier way to share (and remember) your wallet address

  • You can check that your vanity domain purchase went through by visiting: and filling in the top box

  • You can also check, search your wallet address, click domains (from the menu just above the transactions list), click sub domains, you will see your new sub domain listed. There will also be a domain address listed on the right side, this is the id of the name service account (it will not be one of your wallet addresses - this is how it should be)

  • You can enter the vanity domain on solscan to pull up your wallet