Play Honeyland to earn your share of the multi-million $HXD airdrop!

The top 5000 players on the Honeyland Airdrop Leaderboard will split millions of HXD. The Leaderboard will go live on May 10th and be locked at midnight UTC on May 31, 2024.

See for additional details

To Qualify:

  • Download and set up a Honeyland account
  • Become a Certified Beekeeper (available on or before May 10th)
  • Refer at least one other player that becomes a Certified Beekeeper
  • Complete Airdrop tasks to accumulate points

Airdrop Activities Timeline:

Through May 31st - Refer other players to earn points. Find your referral code by tapping Bonus in the lower left area of the game, then tap Referrals, then tap Invite  NOTE: Referrals from before April 8th can qualify if they reach Level 7 and become a Certified Beekeeper before May 31st.

Stake at least 100 HXD at using your Honeyland game wallet to earn 500 points.

Buy at least $25 worth of HXD at for 500 points.

May 10th - View the in-game Airdrop Pass to complete Season Milestones and Daily Tasks.

Other opportunities to earn points will be announced! 

May 10th (on or before) - Become a Certified Beekeeper (details will be released soon)

May 10th - Leaderboard goes live

June 1st - Leaderboard is locked

After June 1st - Allocations for the top 5000 players on the Leaderboard and airdrop timelines will be announced


Before April 15th
- Claim your free Honeyland cNFT from Earn 100-500 points depending on the rarity of cNFT you receive. Hold the cNFT in your Honeyland wallet on May 31st to qualify (no need to stake the cNFT).

Through April 20th - Complete the Zealy Quest to find the Golden Honey Fields to gain a Quest Multiplier. Finishing the Quest is NOT a requirement to qualify for the airdrop.