See the full announcement here.


  • You will need at least one referral that reaches level 7 and become a Certified Beekeeper to qualify for the airdrop

When will a leaderboard or other way to track airdrop points progress be released? 

May 10th

Concerns have been expressed that influencers will have a huge advantage over regular players since they can get so many referrals. 

Influencers mostly won't grind the same way so their high multiplier will be on a much lower point basis, but referrals are important to the game and will be rewarded accordingly.

Can referrals from before April 8 count?

Yes, you will receive one point for each referral before April 8th as long as that player reaches level 7 and becomes certified.

Will players that are already at Level 15 get the XP bonus points or is it only for new players?

Everyone gets these bonuses. Existing players at level 15 will have every bonus point from levels 1-15 immediately available to claim on May 10.

Vanity Domains

  • You don’t need to stake your vanity domain

  • The vanity domain doesn’t replace your wallet address, it gives you an easier way to share (and remember) your wallet address

  • You can check that your vanity domain purchase went through by visiting: and filling in the top box

  • You can also check, search your wallet address, click domains (from the menu just above the transactions list), click sub domains, you will see your new sub domain listed. There will also be a domain address listed on the right side, this is the id of the name service account (it will not be one of your wallet addresses - this is how it should be)

  • You can enter the vanity domain on solscan to pull up your wallet


Does adding a NASA cosmetic change the Bee’s like? 

It does not. There were some Bees showing as liking NASA, but that was an error. If you see any Bees with a NASA like, please open a support ticket so it can be corrected.

How long will Nasa cosmetics be available in the shop as they are now?

They'll be available until the cosmetic shop opens in late April or early May. Then they'll randomly be available in the cosmetic shop on certain days.

Will the quantity of Nasa cosmetics we can purchase reset each game day?

Yes, while the NASA cosmetics are available, the quantity you can purchase will reset each day.

Can Nasa cosmetics be added to a Cibona Bee?

Yes, but if you put a NASA sweatshirt on a Cibona Jersey bee, it will remove the Cibona trait and benefits.

Will Nasa items offer mission boosts like the Cibona items did?

No. Most cosmetic items will not. This was just special for Cibona (and some future traits too). But most cosmetics will have utility boosts, but not change like or anything else.

Drip Haus

  • You don’t need to stake the NFT - hold it in your Honeyland wallet on May 31st for the snapshot to get the airdrop points

  • There is no benefit to holding more than one, they are not stackable, you will receive points based on the rarest one you hold when the snapshot is taken on May 31st

  • If you claimed your NFT with a non-game wallet, you can transfer it to your game wallet

Snapshot for Genesis Mint

  • Snapshot was taken at midnight UTC on April 7, 2024

  • We will share the snapshot list before the mint

  • The white list tokens will be distributed in the days leading up to the mint (exact date TBD)

  • The white list tokens will be tradable, more details to come

Are unstaked assets included in the snapshot?

That information hasn’t been released yet

Snapshot for VGX - Coming Later in April

  • The snapshot will be taken about a week before the event. We will have announcements ahead of time with all the details

  • Genesis assets that are listed for sale at the time of the snapshot will NOT count

Is VGX claimable with a Solana wallet? 

We'll add an ETH wallet field to your Honeyland profile and you'll be able to add your ETH address so we can send the airdrop. Full details and instructions about this will be provided when we get closer to the event.

Does VGX have a website? Their Twitter bio doesn’t include one.

They are rebranding right now

Beemium change

  • Gen Z Bees can once again Harvest on Extreme Climate Lands

  • If you have Beemium, Gen Z Bees can once again Hunt on Extreme Climate Lands

NOTE: When Hunting Extreme lands with Gen Z Bees you will NOT receive the same item as Generations Bees receive. This will be made more clear in upcoming builds.

  • The Zone that Gen Z Bees can reach is based on your XP Level

Certified Beekeeper will go live on or before May 10

Players are concerned that multi-accounters will simply pay someone to do the facial scan so they can open extra accounts. 

There will be periodic check ins requiring Certified Beekeepers to rescan

Chase Bees

  • When Hatching a Genesis Bee, players have a 5% chance of Hatching that month's Chase Bee

  • This was inadvertently left off the Chase Bee graphic

  • The !chase shortcode and Chase Bee graphic have been updated


  • Once the staking period is over, the HXD is unlocked, but remains staked and will collect the same rewards as when it was locked until/unless restaked or unstaked.

BoDoggos Partnership

  • There are no extra points for holding additional NFTs. You will receive a flat amount of points for holding any number of Dogs.