When Breeding a new Bee or creating an Egg from shards, you are creating an asset which can be sold or traded to other players. This requires that the new collectible be written to the blockchain and there is a fee associated with that action.

This fee is charged in the Solana currency (SOL). Honeyland pays this fee in the background and charges you the fee in Honey (HXD).  This allows players to Breed and create Eggs without requiring them to hold SOL in their game wallet.

None of this fee goes to the Honeyland team.

The fee consists of:

  • 0.002 SOL refundable rent (if the asset is traded or burnt)
  • 0.01 SOL Metaplex platform fee
  • ~0.02 SOL in fees for the metadata accounts that allow us to do upgrades, breeding, hatching, etc.

The total fee amount is ~0.033 SOL. Since this fee is converted into HXD, the amount of HXD that you are charged fluxuates along with the changes in the market price of SOL. 

Work is being done in the background to try and reduce this fee, and hopefully eliminate it almost completely through compressed NFTs, but it will take time.