Honeyland's Bees aren't just all about the regular attacks. They each have a special attack that's more powerful but takes longer to recharge. These special moves can also have extra effects, like healing allies or knocking down enemies. With both types of attacks at their disposal, players can come up with their own combat strategy and stay adaptable to different situations. 

Normal Attack: Every Bee in Honeyland has a regular attack that it can use in battle. This attack typically has a lower cooldown and deals moderate damage to the opponent.

Special Attack: Each bee also has a unique special attack that can be used during battle. Special attacks usually have a higher cooldown and inflict a higher amount of damage to the opponent. Special attacks may also have additional effects, such as stunning the enemy or healing allies.

Overall, the special and normal attacks in Honeyland add depth and strategy to the game's battles, allowing players to customize their approach and adapt to different opponents.