To see your tax-free and taxable balances as well as your current withdrawl tax percentage, visit the in-game Bank (via the main menu) and then tap Withdraw. (see screen shot below)

Your total balance, tax-free balance, taxable balance, and current tax percentage will all be displayed. 

Taxable Balance = Honey (HXD) earned playing Honeyland - including selling items via the Item Marketplace

Non-Taxable Balance = Honey (HXD) deposited into the game and/or earned from selling Bees, Queens, and/or Lands via the in-game the Marketplace

NOTE: Honeyland will always pull from a player's tax-free balance before using their taxable balance

Example: If a player has 0 HXD in-game, deposits 1,000 HXD, and then spends 200 HXD on various shop purchases and sending Bees on Hunting Missions, their new tax-free balance is 800 HXD. If they then earn 200 HXD in-game, their tax-free balance reamains 800 HXD since the tax-free balance can’t be replenished by playing Honeyland.