Honeyland 1.903 is now available! Existing players will be prompted to download the new update when they next log in.

New players (world wide) can download the game from our website: Honey.land

Honeyland is currently available in a few selected countries on both Google Play and Apple App Stores. Version 2.0 of the game will be available in most markets by the end of this quarter.

Build notes — click the links for further details:

  • Convert normal shards to Gen Z shards if desired
  • Bumble Bash time limit- games are now limited to 30 minutes. There will be further changes to Bumble Bash coming soon HINT: It will get harder the longer you play
  • New hive decoration items, Circus theme
  • Inventory is now sortable

  • Frames are scrollable 

  • Bug fixes

Do you have feedback on the new build? 

Please use this form so we can route your comments to the correct dev for consideration. https://forms.bluecatreports.com/iO9D01eH/honeyland-v2-feedback