Honeyland Vision & Values

Honeyland is a mission-driven team and project. Our vision and values help steer every decision we make in the development of our project and community.


2022 Vision - Make Honeyland a household name in the web3 gaming space.
2023 (and beyond) Vision - Introduce crypto and DeFi to millions of people by making it fun and easy to understand

Core Values

  1. Execute to perfection
  2. Think big. No, BIGGER.
  3. Respect yourself and others
  4. Make it fun

Core Team

Honeyland has assembled a core team of proven entrepreneurs and executors. Their ability to plan, build, and execute to perfection is only outshined by their ability to get users excited about what they’ve built and scale whatever it is they’re working on. Their backgrounds are as diverse as they are distinguished, and they are poised to launch one of the most successful web3 game ecosystems ever built.

Left to right: Apoorv, Corey, Justin, Brendan

Corey Wright - CEO

Corey is a lifelong entrepreneur and operator. He launched his first business in college, nearly 20 years ago and has launched, scaled, and sold more than a half dozen businesses since. At the age of 25, he became a part-time MBA professor at PLNU in San Diego. Prior to joining the Honeyland team, Corey was also an executive team coach for more than 20 businesses, helping them organize and grow their businesses to new levels. He is a master of efficiency, executes everything he does at a high level, loves to be in front of the camera. Corey is located in Southern California.

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Apoorv Soni - Technology

Apoorv is an ad-tech and mobile advertising entrepreneur. He has spent more than a decade in the space helping brands and businesses with their mobile marketing endeavors. He has expertise in Blockchain, ad-tech, logistics and marketing. As a founder, Apoorv has built several of the most successful ad-tech ventures in India, serving over 1 billion ad impressions daily. In 2020, he purchased a mid-sized game development studio with the vision to launch a web3 game ecosystem, which would eventually become Honeyland. Apoorv is a true visionary and brings charisma and leadership to everything he touches. He splits his time between India and UAE.


Justin Barr - Growth

Justin is a growth and user acquisition expert. In 2009 he joined Tracking202, the original affiliate marketing analytics and tracking software which was acquired in 2010. In 2011 he co-founded TapIt! a mobile advertising platform that generated millions of downloads for brands like King.com (Candy Crush), Gree, Machine Zone, Warner Bros and more, which would later be acquired by publicly traded $PHUN. He rolled that success into launching a new ad platform and content company venture that took him to Poland for a year to organize their international growth in Europe. Since then he’s become one of the largest auto insurance lead generators around and built a content-aggregating mobile app and partnered with OEM device manufacturers to get worldwide distribution on Android devices. Justin is a true growth expert who is excited about building and growing the most engaged web3 community ever. Justin is a proud resident of Puerto Rico.

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Brendan Raftery - Business Development

Brendan is a seasoned tech and entertainment entrepreneur. His pursuit of building an entertainment business landed him in charge of relationships for some of the biggest rock bands on the planet, including Aerosmith, Kenny Chesney, and many more. His network of friends stretches globally across tech moguls, entertainment stars, and government elites. His life will almost certainly one day be turned into a movie, but for now, he’s leading channel development and fundraising for Honeyland. His primary residence is in South Florida, but his passport has more stamps than the post office.

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Advisory Board

While the core team and development team are experts in their own rights, they have surrounded themselves with a powerful board of advisors, who make them one of the most well-rounded teams ever assembled.

Amar Mehta

Currently leads multiple product teams at Unity. Previously had significant roles at Amazon leading digital/gaming products and Skillz.

Justin Kan

An entrepreneur and investor, best known as the co-founder of Twitch, Atrium, and Fractal, and for his current role as a managing partner at venture capital firm, Goat Capital.

Gabe Appel

Ex-Pixar, Ex-Harvard Lampoon President. Extremely well connected in media and Hollywood. Is working closely with our Game team on story, art, and production.

Mike Vorhaus

Gaming industry advisor. Serves on the Board of Directors for Perion, Altimar Acquisitions (NYSE), and Popreach (TSE). Is a frequent guest on Bloomberg TV and Forbes.com contributor.

Josh Meier

Has been a strategist and advisor for over 30 tech startups including EQIFI, Steady State, Ally, OMNI, and more. Specializes in post-launch strategy.

Michael Swan

Founder of Tokenomik Inc, a tier 1 crypto VC. Is a former VP at Goldman Sachs. Serves on the executive team and advisor to Unido, Flourishing AI, and Hypersign.

Corey Billington

Has contributed to over 70 projects with all aspects of launch preparation, fundraising, partnerships, and marketing strategy.