Honey (HXD) is a deflationary token with a max supply of 1,000,000,000 $HXD. However, there will be burn mechanics built into Honeyland to ensure the health and value of Honey. The following actions will cause Honey tokens to be burned:

  • Breeding - players can use their Bees and Honey to breed more Bees. While there are breeding limits and increased pricing as the Bees breed more, 50% of the Honey spent by the player to breed will also be burned. These will ensure that as the Bee population grows, the Honey supply is shrinking.
  • Withdrawal Tax - when players want to convert the Honey they've earned in Honeyland into $HXD, there is a withdrawal tax based on the player's VIP level. 25% of this tax will be burned. 
  • Special Burn Events - From time to time, Honeyland will incentivize players to burn their Honey in exchange for access to special prizes and events.

You can see the total HXD Burned by visiting our Flipside Dashboard.