PvP missions are the highest-risk missions but can be completed in far less time than a Harvesting or Hunting Mission and can yield similar rewards if successful.

Players start by choosing three Bees from their hive to build their Attack Squad. They will be shown three Defense Squads that have been set by other players with their similar Hive Level The player can choose which one they would like to Raid.

Once the PvP mission is confirmed, the Raid begins and an algorithm will determine the order and effectiveness of each attack move by both Squads. These alternating attack moves will continue until all of one Squad’s Bees no longer have any remaining Health.
If the Attack Squad wins the Raid, they will steal Honey from the Defense Squad’s hive that is equal to the maximum Honey capacity of any of the three Attack Squad Bees whose Health is not at zero (i.e. any of their surviving Attack Squad Bees).
If the Defense Squad wins the Raid, they will steal Honey from the Attack Squad’s hive that is equal to the maximum Honey capacity of all three of their Defense Squad Bees, regardless of how many survived the raid.
There is no cooldown period after the Attack mission for either players’ Bees. However, the Attack Squad Bees will return to the hive in whatever Health condition they ended the attack in. Attack Squad Bees will begin to regain their Health back when they are at the hive and are not on any missions. The speed at which they regain their Health depends on their Recovery stats.
Being at less than full Health does not affect the ability of that Bee(s) to go on missions and does not affect the performance on any missions. However, If a Bee from the Attack Squad has his Health diminished to zero, he becomes paralyzed and is unable to go on missions until his Health is back to full Health.
The Defender Squad Bees will immediately return to their hive after the Attack in the exact same condition as before the attack, regardless of how their Health was diminished during the attack.
Building an Attack Squad
The attacking player can choose any three Bees from their hive that are available for missions. In general, they will look to choose Bees with high Health, Attack, Defense, and Agility skills as all four of these are crucial components to winning the Raid.
Choosing Bees that have matching Likes, Dislikes, and Moods with their active Queen and other Bees on the squad will also create boosted stats for the Attack mission.
Lastly, organizing Attack Squads with strategic attack profiles will give players a big advantage in Raids.
Choosing a Defense Squad to Raid
After the player chooses their Attack Squad of three Bees, they will be shown three different Defense Squads that they can Raid.
Each Defense Squad they see will have up to five Bees in it. Three of these Bees will be the Bees on the Defense Squad and two will be decoys that will not participate. This creates an additional element of strategy for the attacking and defending players.
The Attacking player will see information about each of the three Defense Squads they have to choose from, including:
  • How much Honey the hive has
  • The Health, Attack, Defense, and Agility stats for each of the 5 Bees on the Defense Squad
  • The Landform Specialty, Likes, and Dislikes of each of the 5 Bees
  • The maximum amount of Honey the attacking player can lose if they get defeated
This information will give the attacking player a good idea of the possible outcomes. However, because of the decoy Bees and the randomness of Attack Profiles used, the outcome will still be unknown.
Once the player selects a Defense Squad to Attack, the Raid will begin and the player can watch the Raid happen, move by move.
Note: The player can choose to see a new set of Defense Squads every 24 hours for free. If they successfully win an Attack mission, they will receive a new set of three Defense Squads for their next Raid. They can also spend Honey to see a new set of three Defense Squads anytime.
Attack missions are the most complex and risky missions in Honeyland.
They also provide the most immediate results. These elements will make it an attractive mission for players who have higher risk tolerance and crave instant gratification.
In general, the EV (expected value) of Attacking another player will be negative, but skilled players with strong Attack Bees can increase their EV significantly by configuring the right Attack Squad and choosing the most advantageous Defense Squad to Attack.
Since there is no cooldown period after an Attack mission, some players will choose to send their Bees on an Attack mission before sending them on a Farming or Hunting mission during a single session.
NOTE: All players are provided with a 24 hour shield each time the game returns from a maintenance downtime. This is to allow players time to get their PvP teams in place before PvP resumes.