Quests allow you to battle various Pests to receive valuable rewards!

Tap the Quest icon in the bottom right area of the Universe to begin.

Special features of Quests:

  • You can only use your Gen Z Bees on Quests
  • Your active Queen is the Queen that will be used for Quests - this can be a Genesis, Generations, or Gen Z Queen
  • Try to match your Queen's mood with the mood of the Bees you send on the Quest to make your Bees stronger and give them a better chance to win
  • Try to match the moods of the Bees you send on a Quest; this gives them a stat boost even if they don't match the Queen's mood
  • You don't have to do the Quests in order; you can battle the Pests in any order you want
  • There's a limit on the number of quests you can do each day
  • Upgrade your Bees to help them win
  • Your Bees can only Quest when they aren't busy Hunting or Harvesting so plan ahead!

NOTE: Retired Gen Z Bees can still be used to do Quests and PvP