Let's upgrade a male Bee!

To upgrade Bees you will need to combine upgrade shards into an upgrade item. 

To get started, visit your Inventory by clicking on the backpack icon in the top right area of the game

This will display your complete inventory. Tap on any item to learn more about it. Long-press any item to get further details. 

NOTE: You can long-press on lots of different things throughout the game to get additional details

This is an example of Luck Z Shards

NOTE: The hexagon in the upper right corner of the shard tells you that this is a Z Shard.  The hexagon is different for shards used to upgrade Generations and Genesis Bees.

In your inventory, Tap the icon for the upgrade you want to make

Tap the yellow "Use" button

Your upgrade options will be displayed along with the total number of shards you have available. 

Tap to choose the rarity you desire.

You have made an upgrade item!


Now, let's apply that upgrade to a Bee

Exit out of the Inventory screen

Tap the main menu icon in the upper right corner

Choose Bee Lab

Choose Upgrade

Select a Bee from the right side. The selected Bee's stats will be diplayed on the left.

Once you have decided which Bee to upgrade, tap the + icon

NOTE: It's free to upgrade Gen Z Bees!

Choose the upgrade item you want to apply to this Bee

Tap upgrade

Your Bee has been upgraded!