Gen Z Bees have their own versions of shards (Z shards) to use when upgrading, Hatching, or Breeding Gen Z Bees. Collect Z shards by Hunting for Honeypots. 

The types of Z shards that can be included are: Gen Z Queen Egg, Gen Z Bee Egg, Gen Z Queen upgrade, Agility, Attack, Capacity, Defense, Health, Luck, Breed Ticket, and Mood Stabilizer. 

20% of Gen Z Bees Hunting on a Land will receive a Honeypot when that Land's Next Drop timer reaches zero.

NOTE: You can convert items, made by redeeming shards, into Zzubs. Zzubs can be use to buy Z shards using the in-game shop.

REMINDER: Gen Z Bees' Endurance stat is based on the player's XP level and can only be changed by the player leveling up. Gen Z Bees' Agility stat cannot be changed.