Hatch Gen Z Eggs into Gen Z Bees to build your colony of Bees (see full details in the chart below)

NOTE: Gen Z Eggs are received as you move through the Welcome Pass. You can also create Gen Z Eggs by redeeming Gen Z Bee shards.

REMINDER: You receive a FREE Gen Z Bee Hatch every 48 hours. If you want to Hatch more often than that, the following fees apply:

  • The first 10 GenZ hatches per player account are free
  • The 11th GenZ hatch costs 1 HXD, the 12th costs 2 HXD, the 13th costs 3 HXD etc.
  • The 20th GenZ hatch will cost 10 HXD and all hatches after that cost 10 HXD too

To Hatch Eggs:

Tap the icon for the main menu

Tap the Bee Lab icon

Tap Hatching Machine

Tap + Add on the left side

Select the Egg on the right side

Click Hatch

Your new Bee will be displayed! He's ready to send on his first Mission.