You can Breed new Gen Z Bees!

Breeding details:

  • Gen Z Queens can only Breed with Gen Z Bees
  • Gen Z Bees can only Breed with Gen Z Queens
  • Breeding will change the Queen's Mood unless Gen Z Mood Stabilizer is used
  • There is a cooldown time after each Breed. The Queen will not be able to Breed while she is on cooldown. See the second chart below for cooldown details

NOTE: Gen Z Bees CANNOT use Royal Jelly to Breed a Queen Bee. Players will only have one Gen Z Queen. Gen Z Breeding always results in a male Gen Z Bee. 

Breeding cost:

Breeding Cost Depends on what type of Breed Ticket is used (if any) - see the chart below for full details

  • Common Gen Z Breed Tickets are created by combining 10 Breed Ticket shards which are obtained by Hunting with Gen Z Bees. A Common Gen Z Breed Ticket reduces the cost of Breeding by 93%
  • Mythic Gen Z Breed Tickets cannot be created, they are given out as rewards during the Welcome Pass, by leveling up, and through special events. A Mythic Gen Z Breed Ticket reduces the cost of Breeding to zero HXD and skips the Queen's Breeding cooldown period.

See the chart below for the offspring's stats and other details: