There are three types of Gen Z Bees

NOTE: Detailed information about Gen Z Bees stats and traits are listed in the chart below

  • Starter Bees -  free Bees provided to new Players
  • Hatched Bees -  Hatched from Gen Z Eggs
  • Bred Bees - offspring from Breeding a Gen Z Queen with a Gen Z male Bee

The three types of Gen Z Bees have different stats and traits. 

Stats include:

  • Attack, Defense, Health, Agility, Luck, Capacity, Endurance, and Recovery

NOTE: You cannot upgrade the Endurance or Recovery stats of Gen Z Bees. The Zone a Gen Z Bee can reach is based on the player's XP Level.  

Traits include:

  • Landform Specialty, Level, Like, Dislike, Mood, Special Attack, Normal Attack 1 & 2

All Gen Z Bees and Queens can Breed unlimited times. Cooldowns and Breeding fees will apply. Visit Gen Z Breeding for more information about Breeding.