Beemium allows players to withdraw HXD from the game with no amount limits. Withdrawals are subject to withdrawal tax and cooldown based on the Player's VIP level.

Beemium costs approximately $100 USD (one time), and can be purchased inside Honeyland via the game shop with a credit card or through the HiveMind website using our $HXD Token. Learn about purchasing HXD here

How to get it:
- One-time $100 fee in Honeyland (must be Certified to unlock this option)
- SAGA holders get Beemium for free with their Saga Genesis token (non-transferrable)
- Other future opportunities: Raffles, etc.

What it gets you:
- Unlimited withdrawal amounts

What changed about Beemium in July 2024:
- No longer allows Gen-Z to hunt extreme lands (no longer possible, but also not necessary)
- No longer allows you to list in the Items Marketplace (Certified or Season Pass with level 1 VIP)
- No longer removes the cooldown on breeding/upgrading/PvP (Certified does this)
- Inactivity tax (120 days for Certified, then it starts. Else, it starts after 30 days of inactivity. Purchasing a season pass is considered activity)

Players that don't hold Beemium can withdraw based on their Certification and Season Pass status as shown in the chart below.

All fees collected from Beemium upgrades go back into Player Rewards.