When a player Attacks, the result will be determined by the stats of the Bees involved.

The Attacking Bee will reduce the Health of the Defending Bee(s) by the difference between the Attacking Bee’s Attack stat and the Defending Bee’s Defense stat. In the case that this is a negative number, the Defending Bee’s Health will be reduced by 1.
During the Raid, there is a gameplay mechanic called ‘Progress’ that will slowly deplete the Attack Squad Bees’ Defense and Attack stats as the Raid goes on.
When a Bee’s Health stat reaches zero, that Bee will be removed from the Readiness Meter and he is knocked out of the Raid. Once a player knocks all three of the other player’s Bees out of the Raid, they will be determined the winner and the Honey (HXD) will be distributed accordingly.