The Readiness Meter determines the order in which Bees get to attack. It is created for each Raid and determines the turn order based on Bees' Agility stats.

Interested in more details about how the Readiness Meter works? Here they are!

A Readiness Meter is created for each Raid. The length of the Readiness Meter will be equal to the highest Agility stat in the Raid x 1.25. For instance, if the highest Agility stat for any Bee in the Raid is 100, the Readiness Meter would be 125.
When the Raid begins, the Bee with the highest Luck stats will automatically be placed at the end of the Readiness Meter and will have the first attacking turn.
The remaining five Bees will start from the start point.
Each time the Bee at the end of the Readiness Meter executes an Attack turn, all other Bees who are still in the Raid will move up on the Readiness Meter the same number of units as their Agility stat until a Bee reaches the end and is ready to Attack. The Bee who just executed their Attack turn would then be placed back at the start point of the Readiness Meter.
This process determines which Bee’s turn it is and continues until a winner is determined.