Owning Land in Honeyland offers a more low maintenance way to participate in Honeyland. Owners automatically receive commissions and entry fees (paid in Honey (HXD) directly to their in-game wallet) each time a Bee Hunts or Harvests on their Land. 

NOTE: Based on the level of their Land, Landowners can charge between 0% and 10% commission per Hunt and receive between 0.0 and 1.0 Honey entry fee per Harvest.

However, there are ways that Landowners can take a more active role in the game by deploying Paradise Maker, Lantern, or Mint Spray, as well as adjusting the settings of fees and commissions that visiting Bees pay.

BONUS: Landowners’ Bees can Hunt and Harvest any Land held by the Landowner regardless of the Bee’s Endurance stat.  Exception: a Beemium account is required to Hunt any Land with an Extreme Climate, even their own.

Air Drops

Landowners will receive airdrops of free shards each week that their Lands are staked. 

These shard airdrops can include:

Mint Spray, Paradise Maker, Lantern, Upgrades, and Mood Stabilizer. 

There is also a chance of receiving Queen and Bee Egg shards.

Look Out! - Landowners MUST stake (activate) their lands in order to receive commissions and fees when Bees visit their Lands. Lands must also be staked to be included when players deploy Sonar Buzz. Visit HiveMind to learn more.